Gear Junkie reviews Ski Retriever

See what GearJunkie has to say about the Ultimate Ski Locator

We were recently notified that because of Ski Retriever’s involvement in the SIA Snow Show 2012, it was being reviewed by one of the coolest product review sites on the internet, GearJunkie. Excitement immediately followed by nervousness, set in. What will GearJunkie think of us? Will they love Ski Retriever as much as we do? The excerpt below quickly put our worries to rest. See what Sean McCoy, a contributing writer for GearJunkie, had to say:

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Locator Beacon for Gear — Blowing out of your bindings in deep powder sucks. One minute you’re having the time of your life blasting through the trees, the next you are stabbing around in the snow with a pole, hoping to find a ski that is somewhere within, say, 30 feet but hidden in the white deep. The Ski Retriever is a solution to lost skis, goggles, cell phones or whatever else you may want to locate with electronic aid. Retailing at $159.99, the kit includes a small handheld unit that will easily fit in a pocket and two mini homing tags affix to skis with glue and a small screw. A handheld receiver unit gives feedback with lights and audio cues to aid in finding buried gear. With a range of more than 100 yards, I’d consider getting an extra set of homing tags for my cell phone and, um, my car even when parked at big resorts. Those alpine parking lots can be mighty huge.

To read the entire article and check out the other reviews GearJunkie tossed up for SIA, visit SIA Trade Show: ‘Snow Gear’ for 2012/13. Again, we want to extend a big thanks to GearJunkie for taking the time to check us out. We’re stoked that you’re as pleased with Ski Retriever as we are.